Current Volunteer Opportunities

Office Assistance: Greet guest, answer phones, return calls, help with filing, ect. 

Mentors: Work directly with families in the Transitional Housing program. You would receive training on befriending a family, supporting thier goal, encoraging thier efforts, and offering appropriate advice.  
Workshop  Meals:  each month a meal is needed for the workshops that our program reciepiants are required to attend. They are held every third Tuesday of the month at 6pm. 
Warehouse & Donation Sorting: Donations are constantly coming in and need to be picked up, sorted and organized in the warehouse. 
Home Maintance and Set up: Our Transitional Homes are cleaned and refurnished when a family moves out and new one moves in. Some houses may need paint arepairs were others may just need cleaned and set up. Set up may include refunishing the houses, making beds, and decorating.  
Meals at the Community: Volunteer to prepare a meal at the Community inn. Meals are provided every night at 6:30 pm for shelter guest. 
For more information or to schedule your volunteer services please call or email our office.