Melissa J.
Homes of Hope is an amazing organization that brings the “hope’ to families in need. My four children and I were dealing with a hard time when I applied to Homes of Hope, the staff began helping immediately and was able to not only provide housing, but gave us a sense of comfort in knowing that someone cared. They did not judge, only made themselves available to help any way they could. The mentoring part of the program is an exceptional way for families to grow and learn from others. The mentors are a huge part in helping these families succeed. This program is one of the few that genuinely remembers each and every participant. I thank them dearly for this opportunity to begin again.
JoAnn G.
Hello Homes of Hope, I would like to extend my deepest and warmest thanks for all you have done for me and my daughter. We were in such distress with some serious issues in our home. I was married and have four children. There was so much violence in the home which caused me and my daughter to be homeless. I reached out to Salem Taylor whom I met through a friend that had gone through the program. I felt so comfortable talking and she led me to the places I needed to go and who to talk to. I went to an interview to talk to a panel of people, and I was so scared and nervous but every single person in that room made me so comfortable I was able to speak with no worries of judgement or prejudice. Needless to say, Homes of Hope gave us a place to call our home temporarily where we felt safe and loved. Homes of Hope gave us the “hope” for a new beginning and taught me how to pay bills, budget, and find a new lifeline. I don’t know where we would be if they did not wrap us under their wings and guide us in the right direction. Homs of Hope is a wonderful program that saved my life. Words cannot express the thanks I have for them. I finally feel free from the control and abuse we endured. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a strong and caring organization that gave us a way to start a new life with more knowledge and a new outlook. I will never forget what you all have done for me and my daughter.
Amanda L.
I was truly blessed. It means so much to me that a great group of people could help me as a single mother. I could not thank you guys enough for what you all have done for me and my children.
Teresa M.
Homes of Hope has been great to me and my girls. The staff made us feel very welcome. I thank God every day for this program.
Stephanie C.
It meant to me that I had a chance to actually be safe with my daughter. I didn’t have to live the way that I was living and that I could have a new life. Homes of Hope gave me the help that I needed to begin my new life and they gave me a lot of hope.  Thank you for the privilege of being in the program.
Katie S.
It is a good opportunity for single moms in need to be a part of this program. They help you get on your feet and are great people to talk to. I am very thankful I was a part of it because they helped me.
Patsy L.
It meant showing others that they can achieve what I have done. I have really enjoyed living in one of their places. I thank God for these people, especially Salem.
Shirley W.
This program saved me and 2 kids. They gave me a chance, an option, a lot with these awesome people.I see the future now. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.
Patsy T.
….am getting a new and better life.
Hashanna B.
Being in the program was very helpful in many ways. The staff went out of their way to help out me and my kids.They were great listeners and very empathetic. I loved being in this program.
Fonda C.
First of all I would like to thank God for allowing Homes of Hope to start a nonprofit organization that would help families in a time of need. I am a single parent of two daughters that was blessed tremendously by the organization.When I applied for assistance I had just lost my home in Mecklenburg County and had moved back home to Albemarle with one of my sisters.I found work after being here for 2 weeks which was a blessing but who would have known about the trials and tribulations I was about to encounter.I started working and got my own place and things were going good until my hours at work were cut.
Then I had to move into a smaller home where the rent was cheaper and shortly after I moved I lost my job but was blessed with another one in less than a week.A few weeks passed then a tragedy happened, my oldest daughter’s brother and two more of her classmates were killed in a car accident.It was supposed to be their senior year in high school together and all of their hopes and dreams of being together were gone.This caused a lot of stress on her and she began to have heart problems.The doctor put her on bed rest and took me out of work to monitor her on her meds until they found the best meds for her heart condition.
This was about a two week process that lead up to my losing my job.Human Resources called me and explained to me that since I hadn’t been employed 90 days they had the right to let me go without notice because I was on a 90 probation period and I could reapply in 90 days.I cried and prayed for days not knowing what I was going to do.The Department of Social Services and the Christian Ministries helped pay what bills they could until I had used up all the funding that was available for me in a year’s time frame.I got an eviction letter in the mail one day and a letter from Homes of Hope the next day.I called and spoke to Salem and she scheduled for me to meet with the board over the program.
I went to the meeting and they told me what the program had to offer me and let me know what was expected of me and when I could move in.I moved into a duplex, on Depot Street and everyone was so helpful and did everything to make my girls and me feel like we were home.Salem did everything she could to help me find work such as making a resume, giving me job postings, etc.As time went on there was a 4 week old baby boy that was placed in my life because his mom wasn’t able to care for him.I’m thinking to myself Lord how can I care for this child and I’m not capable of caring for me and my girls.I knew I couldn’t have anyone come live with me so I’m thinking what I can do now.Not knowing what to expect I called Salem and told her about this 4 week old baby and asked her what should I do?To my surprise she said keep him and asked what I needed for him.I said clothes, milk and pampers.
The next day she brought all the items I asked for, a crib, toys, and more.A few days passed and she stopped by to check and make sure we were ok and she noticed his car seat in my car and asked if that’s all I had for him to ride in because it did not look safe.I replied yes and she said she would check to see if there was one donated to the program that she could give me.After she left she called back and said she didn’t have to check the storage because a friend of hers was going to buy him a new one and they would be there shortly to drop it off.
Once they came through the doors I just cried and thanked them for helping me and my girls and extending their hearts to help me with a child that is not even mine.Time went on and my oldest daughter graduated from high school and we had planned for her to go on to college but without me working I didn’t know how that was going to be possible.We trusted God and stepped out on faith that everything would work out.She received her letter of acceptance from the college of her choice and I had a family member that helped us with her FASA so everything was going good until I got the letter stating things she would need to take with her such as bedding, toiletries, etc.Once again, Homes of Hope stepped in and supplied her with more than enough of the items she needed, so off to college she went.During Christmas, the staff came around and the program brought gifts for the girls, the baby and for me.
I’ve never felt so much sincere love from strangers and it really assured me that God had never left nor forsaken me.My time in the program was coming to an end and I still had not found work nor did I know where I was going.I talked to Skeet and Salem and they said they would not put me out but that we had to come up with something.A few days later I got a call from a job in Charlotte and went on an interview and received the job.I then received a letter from the Department of Public Housing saying I had been put on a waiting list for an apartment.Salem called and spoke to someone explaining my situation and I was given an apartment in a matter of weeks.
I moved into my apartment and haven’t did anything but prosper since then.My baby girl graduated from high school and is now a sophomore in college pursuing a degree in social work and my oldest daughter graduated from college in May 2013 with a degree in Chemistry and she plans to return in the fall to pursue a degree in medicine.So to me Homes of Hope is a little piece of heaven, full of angels of mercy spreading Gods love, grace, and mercy!Whomever God had given this vision to I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
You have blessed my family in so many different ways and every chance I get I try to give back to the program what you guys gave to my family.I have noticed the program has grown in so many different ways for the better and I pray you continue to receive donations from the community to keep the programs going so you may be a blessing to more families. Thanking you for all you have done…